Empower with Fun Tech Toys !!!

Coding Kits help youth enjoy while learning !!!

Electro Dough helps explore how to make creations buzz & light up.

Circuit Conductor- Teaches about electricity & currents, allowing youth to see the electrical flows in real time.

Code A Pillar- Teaches ages 3 & up through easy to connect segments illustrating coding basics as they guide their creation to reach the target disc.

Vibrant Vision- Using Play Dough, youth learn to light up the world they see with circuits.

Code & Go Mouse- Coding & Puzzle solving skills are learned as youth help Colby navigate the maze to find his cheese.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox- Youth build robots with legos and use the coding blocs on their tablet to control them.

Botley the Coding Robot- Children as young as 5 learn to program instructions that bring Botley to life and maneuver it through obstacles.

Sew & Glow Kit- Youth can create badges that light up, and even bring their own designs to life with the electro-conductive thread.

The Piper Computer Kit allows youth ages 7 and up to experience building their own computer, then begin coding.

Makey Makey Kit- This versatile invention tool and toy allows youth to connect everyday objects to computer programs. Instruments crafted from cardboard, bananas, the sky's the limit with this powerful teaching tool.